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Manasbal Lake In kashmir

Manasbal Lake in Srinagar is one of the most important Tourist Attractions in Srinagar and is also known as the bird watcher's paradise. Located about 30 kilometers to the north of Srinagar Mansabal Lake in Srinagar is surrounded by three villages Jarokbal, Kondabal and Gratbal overlooking this beautiful lake. The lake is the deepest lake of Kashmir valley and its beauty is further boosted by the presence of the beautiful lotuses which adorn this lake. The origin of this ancient lake is still a mystery but legendarily it is believed to be a bottomless lake.

From the Srinagar Overview we come to know that close to the northern shore of the Manasbal Lake in Srinagar are the remains of a fort which was built in 17th century by a Mughal ruler. On the south, hillock-Ahtung overlooks the lake which was earlier used for limestone extraction. In the north of the lake is an elevated plateau known as 'Karewa' consisting of fluviatile, lacustrine and loessic deposits while the eastern part of the lake is mainly hilly. The lake does not have any major inlet channels and the supply of water is maintained through precipitation and spring water inflow. There is an outlet channel which connects the lake with the Jhelum River. The lake is of great significance to the local people as they use it as a source of water, for fishing and for obtaining food and fodder plants. Many of the local people earn their living by harvesting and marketing the lotus rootstocks which are extensively eaten in these parts of the State. Of late Srinagar Tourism has gained momentum with the Manasbal Lake in Srinagar in a big way and due to that there is lots of pressure on the ecosystem of the place which is being exploited variously.

Mansabal Lake in Srinagar has rightly been considered as the 'supreme gem of all Kashmir Lakes' because of its stunning beauty which is beyond comparison and it is one of the most beautiful places of Sightseeing in Srinagar.